krasi1.gif (19338 bytes)      Krasimira Vyleva Ivanova

Birth Date: November 8th 1978
Birth Place: Stara Zagora , Bulgaria
I am a fifth year university student.I study Computer Science at The Facultety of Mathematics and Informatics at the  Sofia Uneversity, Bulgaria.
At the moment I work as a research associate at The BulTreeBank Project, The Linguistic Modeling Laboratory of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. My work concerrns a development of an XML-based system for corpus research.


BulTreeBank Project
Linguistic Modelling Laboratory,CLPP
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G.Bonchev St.25A
1113 Sofia,Bulgaria
phone(office):   +359 2 979 38 12
fax                   +359 2 707273


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